Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Ode to Man Utd

At the theater of dreams,
Amidst 75 and a thousand devils,
Swimming in a turbulent sea of red,
and deafening roars of 'Glory Glory Man United',
Out stroll the 11 warriors...
Who know not any barriers...
Noble Edwin behind his mates,
Holding off the enemy at the gates.
Guarded by Savvy Patrice and little Rafa on the flanks...
The two short stalwarts stronger than a column on phalanx,
Stand General Vida and rowdy Rio,
Cutting down wave after wave of a hapless foe...
They ran in, stepped over, and fell over.
They flew in, dived across, and got sent off forever.
And when they got it past the two towers,
Good Edwin was there to pull off stunners.
Sixteen good invasions they held off,
Before the Magpies' grit paid off.
Halfway from Edwin's lair lies the battlefield,
So savage of all fronts called the midfield.
With Gallant Carrick Blocking
And Scintillating Scholes probing...
The enemy shows his will,
But is fought to a stand still.
Down the Stretford End blows a storm of red,
Gracing the jersey that the King once held,
Young n old rise to the King of Con,
As unleashed now is the phenomenon Ron.
So much was the fans' glee...
So prolific his scoring spree...
That the enemy let out a hapless plea...
Oh that boy Ronaldo!
The ball had but one place to go!
In this field of legends on the mark,
Fought a man who defined work...
Not for nothing is he called Three Lung Park

[this is all I've completed till now. yet to write abt some not-so-unfamiliar names. Will finish it in a week or so - Arunaldo]

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